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This zinfandel comes from more than 10 different vineyards in Mendocino County, California. Nice color, smells great. Beautiful taste, full fruit forward, right in your face. Long and lingering, beautiful on the palate. Tastes great with a steak!

Rating: 6/7 on the Mastro Scale
Alcohol Level: 14.5

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The Mastro Scale “Find Your Seven”

7 Crazy Good: a pleasurable wave of tingling sensations throughout parts of the body
6 Intense: felt or expressed with forceful energy
5 Flirtatious: behaving playfully and in a way that gives the impression of great interest
4 A head turner: greatly interested or curious
3 A safe bet: unlikely to cause or result in harm, injury, or embarrassment
2 If you must: to be compelled to do because of a rule or law
1 Do not touch

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