Wine Storage and It’s Foes

Wine Storage whit Mastro Tv


The best location for your wine cellar is underground in a dark place. However, you can make one above ground if the temperature, humidity and light conditions are controlled.


The area where you store your wine should be free of mold, mildew and be odorless.

Dryness & Air Circulation:

Your wines should be stored on their side on a stable rack, thus keeping the cork moist. A dry cork will shrink and allow air into the bottle causing oxidation and spoil the wine. If that happens, the taste may be a bit like sherry. Preferable humidity levels between 42-75%. Red Wines should be stored between 50-60 degrees, while white wines do best between 42-60 degrees. If you do not separate your wines, keep them all at 55 degrees.


Keep your treasured selections away from vibration if you live near a train, subway or, washer/dryer. Daily passage may rustle the wine and damage it.