White Wines

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White wines have a wide range of differences, tastes and colors.  They are more delicate than red wines and are always served chilled. The color of white wine varies by the type of grape, but beneath the skin the pulpy part of the white grape is the same color as the red grape.  When the white grapes are picked, they are immediately pressed and the juice removed from the skins with slight contact.

Climate does affect the white wines’ color and body, and are produced all over the world, with France being the most famous for the Chardonnay grape.

Italy’s white wines gain their popularity as Pino Grigios from Veneto and Vernaccia from Tuscany, while Germany is producing great wines with Riesling.  Meanwhile, California chardonnay remains the most popular white wine in America.

Dry white wines include Chardonnay, Chablis and Sauvignon Blanc. Sweeter white wines are produced by Gewurztraminer, Riesling, and Chenin Blanc.

White Wine Notes:

Chardonnay (Shar-doe-nay)

This is a good choice for fish and chicken entrees. The taste is often wider-bodied and more velvety than other dry whites, with lemon and grapefruit flavors.  It is fermented in new oak barrels, which adds a tone of vanilla, coconut and toffee. Burgundy whites have a very different taste.

Chardonnay | Whites Wines Mastro TV

Sauvignon Blanc (So-veen-yawn Blah)

Because it is versatile, seafood, poultry and salads pair well. As a varietal wine, Sauvignon Blanc has an herbal character. The flavors range from sour green apples and pears to mango, melon and blackcurrant. Sauvignon Blanc that is unoaked tends to show smokey qualities and an acid finish.

Sauvignon Blanc (So-veen-yawn Blah)

Reisling (Rees-ling)

Fish, chicken and pork dishes pair well with dry versions. These wines are lighter than Chardonnay wines. Their aromas include fresh apples and should taste fresh. Depending on the area and winemaking, the Riesling expresses itself very differently.

Reisling (Rees-ling) | Whites Wines Mastro TV

Gewurztraminer (Gah-vurtz-tra-meener)

This is a very aromatic variety and is an ideal fit for pork, grilled sausages and Asian food. The typical taste is fruity flavors, with aromas of peaches, allspice and rose petals. This is not as refreshing as other types of dry whites.

Gewurztraminer (Gah-vurtz-tra-meener)

Pinot Grigio (Pee-no gree-zo)

This variety is grown in Italy and produces a crisp dry wine with good acid to compliment fatty food. Ranging from pale to straw-yellow or bronze in color with a bright and flowery fragrance, Pinot Grigio tends to have a nice mid-palate balance with a short clean finish.