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From the Russian River Valley in California. The grapes for this chardonnay were harvested after a long growing season, making the wine a little bit sweeter, full-bodied and rich. Nutmeg, citrus, lemony smells. Creamy right off the top, flows right down, easy drinking. Delectable upon opening, continues to improve with an extra 3-5 years of aging. Great with fish or a light chicken dish – in the summertime, wintertime, any time.

Rating: 4.5/7 on the Mastro Scale

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The Mastro Scale “Find Your Seven”

7 Crazy Good: a pleasurable wave of tingling sensations throughout parts of the body
6 Intense: felt or expressed with forceful energy
5 Flirtatious: behaving playfully and in a way that gives the impression of great interest
4 A head turner: greatly interested or curious
3 A safe bet: unlikely to cause or result in harm, injury, or embarrassment
2 If you must: to be compelled to do because of a rule or law
1 Do not touch

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